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What is EMDR(Eye Motion Desensitization and Reprocessing)?

EMDR is a technique used in therapy that has scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness to help people heal from trauma and other powerfully difficult emotion states. When faced with overwhelming input, our autonomic system gets in a “freeze" state. This survival instinct has its purpose in nature, but when we get stuck in this mode, what can result are negative states, flashbacks, fear and depression. EMDR uses some form of bilateral (two-sided) stimulation along with a structured Mind-Body format to allow the nervous system to complete its organic processing of difficult experiences. The bilateral stimulation could involve focusing one’s eyes on the moving hand of the therapist; lights that go back and forth; vibrating devices held in each hand that alternate right and left; or headphones that play a sound that alternates right and left. The effects of EMDR are often powerfully healing and all we are doing is relying on our innate capacity to heal ourselves.

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