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Growing up visiting Hawai'i and later moving to Lahaina, our 'Ohana embraced the Hawaiian culture and choose to honor and respect their customs and practices, both near and far.

Hawaiians have many customs and practices that connect them to their ancestors, nature, and each other. For Hawaiians, starting any new project — like breaking ground on a building, opening a new business or moving into a new home — would only begin after a blessing by a Kahu or spiritual advisor. The main reason is to purify the space (or project) of negativity, create harmony and balance for everyone involved, ask for protection and safety, and give thanks for being allowed to work within an atmosphere of kindness and respect. Hawaiians also thank their akua and ‘aumakua (ancestral guardian spirits) for blessing them with aloha and supporting them in their kuleana (responsibility). Having a Hawaiian Kahu conduct the blessing is a very pono, or correct, way to start any important and significant project.

At The Tattooed Therapist, it was of vital importance to honor these traditions as we set forth to open this beautiful new office. We were honored to have Kahu Emma Chong of Hilo, Hawai'i come to bless this space of healing in which I will continue to serve the people of Colorado and the Hawaiian Islands. See below for some pictures of the ceremony and our new space.

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