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Therapy — Delivered in a modern way, for the way you live.

I initially converted my therapy practice from an in-person model to a telehealth practice in early 2020, ahead of the COVID19 Pandemic, and when I moved from Colorado to Hawai’i. Initially it was a straightforward, logistical issue: I needed to add telehealth to my practice at the height of the pandemic; and in order to see my wonderful clients in Colorado who wanted to continue working with me after I moved out of state. And then they — and I — found the work to be just as powerful as it had been in-person, and we also had the added benefits of convenience, comfort, and flexibility!  

So, because my clients and I love it, I’m sticking with it. Many of my clients have found telehealth to be…


Research shows that online video-based therapy is as effective in helping clients reach their goals as in-person therapy. And, clients being treated online report high satisfaction with the work, at times even higher than when compared to in-person therapy.


Teletherapy is not an untested, newfangled idea. Corporations and our military — think traumatized soldiers in an active combat zone — have been using online medical and mental health care for decades.


Online therapists must hold the same credentials as in-person therapists. They must obtain the same education, experience, and qualifications, and be subject to the same licensure and ethical requirements, in order to provide services.

Confidential and Secure

Just as in an office setting, teletherapy is confidential. I conduct teletherapy via a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform called Simple Practice.

You choose the place for your session — at home, in your office with the door closed, or even in your car. Because you choose the setting for your session, you can ensure a high level of privacy.


My clients have also shared with me that online therapy eliminates the issue of running into someone they know in the waiting room.


Convenient and Flexible

The convenience and flexibility of teletherapy have been some of the most significant benefits my clients have mentioned.

The biggest one: getting to my office. You’re there in a couple of clicks. Online therapy eliminates the commute. It utilizes technology to bring therapy to you. It doesn’t require you to drive through rush hour traffic, get stuck in traffic, or take a bus (or two) to meet with me.

Teletherapy also allows you to work around your schedule to fit a session in before work, between meetings, on your lunch break, during your child’s nap, or from your car while your child is at soccer practice. We may even be able to continue your sessions while you’re traveling, depending on where you’re traveling to (I can meet with you as long as you are anywhere within Colorado or Hawai’i). And, you can easily access my online calendar to schedule or reschedule sessions.


Our time is precious, and online therapy provides you the opportunity to manage that time more effectively and more in line with the way you live. Teletherapy allows you to be more flexible in managing childcare and other demands on your time to receive the benefits of therapy as well as more balance in your life. In this way, you don’t have to compromise on important parts of your day — like workouts or time with family — in order to prioritize your self-care.


The idea that life-changing therapy can only occur on a therapist’s couch is long gone. We now know effective, powerful therapy can occur from your own couch, with you wearing comfy clothes, maybe even with a dog in your lap… or from your office or from your car.

Although it may seem strange to connect to your therapist separated by a screen, many clients report feeling less frazzled and more at ease in their own familiar surrounding … so they’re more likely to open up, making therapy more effective.


And, video-based therapy is conducted via a medium with which you’re already familiar. We spend so much time online, gathering information, connecting with others, and conducting business, that it makes sense to use it as a means by which to offer therapy as well. The platform I use, Simple Practice, is essentially a secure version of FaceTime or Skype.

Cost Effective

While the hourly rate is the same for in-office or online sessions, online therapy is quite cost effective in other ways. You are much less likely to need to take leave (paid or unpaid) from work to fit therapy into your life. Because you don’t have to commute for a session, you eliminate the need for gas or bus fare. And, if you can log on during your lunch hour, from your car while your children are at their activities, or you can rely on your partner to watch your kids while you’re all at home, there’s no need to pay for childcare while you’re seeing your therapist.

Our lives are full. Online therapy allows you to place a high value on how you’d like to spend your time and other resources, giving you the option to fit therapy into your life, rather than asking you to fit your life around therapy.


Online therapy is not for everyone. Not all clients, and not all conditions, are appropriate for online work. And some clients may simply prefer to be in the same room with their therapist and, fortunately, many therapists will continue to offer that option.

Non-verbal communication is an important part of therapy, and although I only conduct video-based therapy (as opposed to therapy by phone or text), there may be body language and other non-verbal cues that are missed if I’m not in the same room with you. It’s important then, in online work, for us to talk about potential misunderstandings and ask for clarification, perhaps more so than if we were in person.

Because we’re not in the same room, technical difficulties can impact our sessions. Fortunately, I have had very few interruptions in sessions due to technology, but, if it occurs, we’ll have a plan for how to handle it, perhaps finishing our session by phone, or scheduling another time to conclude our discussion.

Also, anytime you’re online there are concerns with privacy and data security. I take every precaution to ensure the privacy and security of your data, using HIPAA-compliant and secure platforms for interactive videoconferencing, as well as phone, e-mail, text, and fax, and you will also be responsible to ensure your confidentiality and privacy on your end.

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