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Positive Psychology is an approach to mental wellness that focuses on optimal human functioning. Unlike traditional psychology, which tends to focus more on disorders and problems, Positive Psychology, while acknowledging and addressing painful symptoms, focuses on using your strengths to help overcome your challenges. Positive Psychology helps you move towards “self-actualization,” where you realize your full potential. This approach aims to enhance what makes life worth living.

What would you like for your life?

  • Living with purpose and meaning

  • Excellence in work

  • Fulfillment in relationships

  • Mastering hobbies and skills

  • Spiritual connectedness 

  • Philanthropy 

  • Anything else you can dream of!

The goal of Positive Psychology is to realize and express your highest potential. 

I embrace Positive Psychology because managing symptoms is just the beginning of the work. I am dedicated to supporting you in living the best life you possibly can… because you deserve it!

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