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Life by design, not by default...

Introducing a creative way of living on your terms

What is Life by Design?

Life by Design is a concept that involves examining the way you live now and opening the possibilities of what your life could be. The goal is to create a life you love and become your best self. Heather facilitates the process of discovering your dreams, visions, and wishes for your life. Together you will look at ways of overcoming any obstacles while building your strengths, utilizing your resources, and taking positive actions to control the direction of your life. You may want to find a more fulfilling career, learn how to have better relationships, or achieve health and inner peace, one step at a time. Life by Design work empowers you to reach your full potential and maintain optimal wellness.


Explore some of these different aspects of Life by Design that Heather can guide you through!

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is an approach to mental wellness that focuses on optimal human functioning. Unlike traditional psychology, which tends to focus more on disorders and problems, Positive Psychology...


Life Coaching

Life coaching is a structured and pro-active approach to help you identify and achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Heather partners with you throughout the process, using...


Existential Therapy

Have you contemplated the meaning of life? Have you pondered eternal questions like “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “What happens after I die?”, or “What is life all about?”?  Sometimes people who ask such questions struggle with...


Spiritual Counseling

Whether or not you grew up in a religious home, follow a particular wisdom tradition, or even believe in God, spiritual counseling can help you develop a stronger sense of connection, find meaning in life, and feel more at ease with the universe...

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